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Pride Mobility Victory

Determined focus let to the ideal balance of hot style, solid performance and exceptional value found in Victory Scooter- a focus that provides you with loads of luxury features at an affordable price. Live large even on a tight budget with a Pride Victory.

           ·         Single-point lockup for easy scooter disassembly
           ·         Ultra-sleek, flush-mount oval headlight with mirror finish
           ·         Restyle sporty alloy mag wheels
           ·         Heavy-duty front (4 wheel) and rear polyurethane foam rubber bumpers
           ·         On-board battery charger
           ·         Convenient, externally mounted charger ammeter
           ·         Standard front basket
           ·         Easily accessible charger port and circuit breaker  


          Overall Width:                       24”
          Overall Length”                      47”
          Seat Style:                           Foldable molded plastic

          Front:                                   3.5” x 10”
          Rear:                                    3.5” x 10”
          Anti-Tips:                              Rear

          Weight Without Batteries:       110.5lbs
          Heaviest Piece:                      50lbs
          Weight Capacity:                    350lbs

Mechanical Performance:
         Max Speed:                           5mph
         Ground Clearance:                  4”
         Battery Charger:                     On-board, 3amp (standard)
         Battery Size:                           U-1
         Battery Range:                        up to 25 miles

Limited Warranty:
          3 year limited warranty

Available Colors:
         Candy Apple Red
         Viper Blue

          ·         Forearm crutch holder
          ·         Lap belt
          ·         Cane/crutch holder
          ·         Wishbone crutch holder
          ·         Oxygen tank holder
          ·         Cup holder
          ·         Rear basket
          ·         Safety flag
          ·         Walker holder
          ·         Weather cover
          ·         Saddle bad
          ·         Quad cane holder
          ·         Clip, cane attachment